Colours, aka synesthesia and kink

28 Apr

I adore sensation. I love textures, different types of pain, things that make me feel. I have a form of synesthesia, which for me is crossed wires in my brain that sometimes lets me ‘see’ some types of pain/pleasure as colours or really strong mental images. Sounds weird, but to me it’s awesome. When my synesthesia is tripped, everything has it’s own specific colour, and sometimes multiple shades and colours for one specific feeling.

To me, being flogged ‘looks’ like ripples of deep greens and blues. The first strike of a paddle on my ass is a deep blue/black, that fades out into lighter shades of blue/grey as the initial sting eases. Knives dragging against my flesh leave behind ribbons of bright arterial-blood-red, while needles placed under my skin bloom into flowers of deeper reds and golds. Rope digs into my skin in negative-images lines of peacock-green and gold, flashing bright behind my eyes. It pushes me down into subspace where there’s nothing but blackness and faint ripples of colours and sensations around the edges. Orgasms are bright flashes of white, mixed with jagged edges of primary red and blue and yellow.

Is it any wonder I’m a sensation slut?


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4 responses to “Colours, aka synesthesia and kink

  1. Dusk

    May 1, 2011 at 19:36

    It sounds just absolutely beautiful. I only have very slight synesthesia when it comes to numbers, which is much less fun.

    • Kitten's Toys

      May 3, 2011 at 22:00

      It’s still cool! *grin* I imagine that would make math much more interesting.

  2. Isis

    May 3, 2011 at 20:50

    OMG, i thought I was the only one who saw colors in sex. Flogging feels “blue” to me, too. Whipping is bright, bright blue. Knives are a yummy red or dark red… and orgasms have always been white, too! Crazy cool. Haven’t experienced a lot of bondage yet, so I can’t say what the color is like for me. I’m more of a pain slut, I think.

    There is one difference, though. Subspace is deep, dark, midnight blue for me.

    • Kitten's Toys

      May 3, 2011 at 22:04

      eeee! Ok, that’s just brilliant! I’ve never met someone who experienced kink/sex in colours like me either! 😀

      I’m…hrm. Not sure if I’m a pain slut or just a sensation slut. All I know is I like people doing owchy/interesting things to me.


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