For the lolz

17 Apr

Search terms people have used to find my blog in the last month:

“gingerkitten” pony
I used to go by GingerKitten on a few cam sites…but pony play was never something I offered, and it’s not one of my kinks. (I’m a kitty, and occasionally a wolf!) I got nothin’.

little ginger sluts
Little? Not really. Ginger? *looks at hair* Yup. Slut? Oh, hell yes. Although this person seemed to want multiples of me.

kitten sluts
I’m both. 😛 But again with them wanting more than one of me!

labia clamps
Ack! *crosses legs* The one time Sir attached the clover clamps running from my nipples to labia, I flailed so much that I broke my clamps. These are totally on my semi-hard limit list!

kitten wanking
…the fuck, dude. I’m having mental images of an actual kitten masturbating, and the fluffy cuteness is ruined for me now!

erotic bloodplay
Mmmm. Yes, please. I’m amused that this used to be a hard limit of mine before my Sir.

dark brown sluts

*looks down at my blindingly white skin* Be prepared for disappointment, dude.

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