Dice game!

18 Jul

The idea was stolen and then corrupted for my own usage from the ever lovely Lady Luna


For normal roll, tip 5, comment: roll 1d20
For request, tip 50, comment: roll 1d20 result ___ (put desired result in blank)

1- blow a kiss
2- shoe on head
3- show off feet
4- show off tongue
5- rub nipples through bra/shirt
6- rub pussy through panties/pants
7- flash tits or ass
8- suck die
9- suck fingers
10- rub lotion on neck
11- rub lotion on legs
12- lick nipples
13- pussy spread
14- ass spread
15- ass swat
16- tug on nipples
17- rub lotion on breasts
18- model’s choice
19- suck and lick toy
20- naked pussy rub

For normal roll, tip 10, comment: roll 1d10
For request, tip 40, comment: roll 1d10 result ___

1- shoe on head
2- take sip of alcohol
3- pose!
4- rub lotion on tits
5- rub lotion on ass
6- tit close-up
7- ass close-up
8- pussy close-up
9- grinding on toy through panties
0- rope chest harness

D10 (middle)
For normal roll, tip 15, comment: roll 1d10 middle
For request, tip 50, comment: roll 1d10 middle, result ____

1- rub lotion on neck
2- rub lotion on legs
3- pussy spread
4- ass spread
5- ass swat
6- nipple pull
7- lick knife
8- model’s choice
9- suck toy
0- pussy rub

For normal roll, tip 25, comment roll kink
For request, tip 75, comment roll kink result ____

1- pull and pinch nipples
2- 5 paddles on ass
3- 2 paddles on each breast
4- swat pussy
5- clip nipples
6- clip pussy

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Posted by on July 18, 2010 in Camgirl!


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